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"the space of freedom, before we name it, thus it giving it a new meaning that “will make sense. I paint that space... It is the freedom I owe myself.

capturing the unsaid, the ineffable, the unspoken." – Roshi

Life is a captivating journey, filled with moments of joy, growth, and unforeseen challenges. It is a profound tapestry where the destination holds less significance than the essence of the journey itself. With a heart full of admiration, I celebrate life in all its intricate beauty, allowing it to shape and inspire my artistic expression.

As an artist, I am driven by the belief that every facet of existence is interconnected, weaving a narrative that resonates within our souls. Through my art, I seek to convey the sheer brilliance and resilience that permeates every aspect of life, even in the face of adversity and unexpected turns. My work encourages viewers to embrace the inherent beauty that surrounds us, urging them to appreciate the smallest joys and find solace in the face of hardship. It is a celebration of the human spirit, an invitation to explore the depths of our emotions, and a reminder that we have the power to shape our own narratives.

In a world often marred by uncertainties, my artistic mission is to reveal the intrinsic beauty that hides beneath the surface, inviting viewers to venture beyond the mundane and embrace the awe-inspiring details that make life truly extraordinary. My paintings become a visual testament to the enduring power of resilience, the magnificence of human connection, and the transformative nature of living authentically.

we navigate the pathways of life, cherishing every twist, turn, and unexpected detour, for it is within these intricacies that we find the essence of our shared humanity." __Roshi

Life is Beautiful ... Live it up

​  RoshikhalilianArt
Haldenstrasse 5
6340 Baar
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